Electronic Displays


LED Electronic Message Centers Designed and Installed Locally

LED electronic message centers are becoming quite popular with many businesses as well as recreational facilities. They are often found in corporate offices, transportation systems, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, stadiums, museums, and other public spaces. They utilize LED for displaying content like video, streaming media, and other digital images. They can be used indoors or outdoors for helping people find their way or for marketing purposes.
Electronic message centers from us, your local digital sign company, have numerous application possibilities including:
  • Advertising for reaching a wider audience of consumers
  • Building brands via in-store digital signage
  • Influencing the behavior of customers by directing them to specific areas
  • Internal information like news and corporate messages
  • Public information like traffic, weather, fire exits, and building directories
  • Menu info such as nutritional facts, ingredients, and pricing
  • Customer experience enhancement via perceived reduction of wait time or with demonstrations
  • Environmental enhancements such as helping customers find their way in tourist attractions
These signs are usually run using a personal computer so that they are easily updateable, and they're quickly becoming the go-to alternative for replacing purely static signs. One of the main uses for EMCs is for advertising where messages, ads, or other video content delivers a targeted message to consumers, using one or more of these formats:
  • Interactive interface
  • Text
  • Video
  • Images
Contact us today for more information about acquiring an LED sign for your business or a local vehicle sign and get a free price quote and art design for fulfilling your sign needs. You can also find out how you can control your LED signage from your mobile device for added convenience.